Tuesday, December 1, 2009


DirtyMeowww Jacket+BlueParadise Legging

BlueParadise Legging+BlueParadise Dress

BlueParadise Dress

BlueParadise Dress

AlmostFamous Top+BlueParadise Legging

HeavenlyHell Dress

HeavenlyHell Dress(back)

RollerCoaster Dress

RollerCoaster Dress(back)

SmoothCriminal Jacket+Insomnia Lengging

SmoothCriminal Jacket+Insomnia Legging(back)

FortuneEnemy Top+Miracle Skirt

DancingMachine Top+Insomnia Legging

BitterSweet Dress

DancingMachine Top+BlackDahlia Skirt

Labirynt Top+Karma Skirt

Labirynt Top+Karma Skirt(back)

GuityPleasure Dress

GuiltyPleasure Dress(back)

Angels&Demons Dress+GuityPleasure Dress

Angels&Demons Dress

WhiteLies Dress

WhiteLies Dress

2 -Faces
Inspired by a lifelong recollection of memories,

Tries to remind us all that there are always two side of things in everything.
Good and bad, Men and Women, Dark and light, Rich and poor, Near and
far, Beginning and ending.
These believes are visible throughout the whole collection.

From the selection of soft and sturdy fabrics, the feminine and
masculine cuts,to the variety of colors that exquisitely resembles 2-Faces.