Saturday, June 19, 2010


Foreword by Anindita Saryuf.

Out of her childhood memories, Dina Vahada, the creative designer of Vahada made Dinosaurs as the main theme of her newest collection. As seen on her previous works, conceptual is Vahada’s distinct characteristic, and this collection is no exception. If others might think of avant garde when working on a conceptual design, Vahada does it differently. She intrepreted the image of these prehistoric creatures into varieties of ready to wear items in earth tone and feminine pastel colors, making them the perfect staple for your summer wardrobe.

Using fabric like jersey, polyester, cotton and Vahada’s signature taffeta, she succeeded in creating clothes that are quirky yet still wearable and chic. Well-thought details like triangle appliqué, patchwork and origami cutting were carefully applied throughout the design to convey the dinosaurs’ shape and skin texture without making it look costume-y. Vahada also collaborated with another talented young designer, Muqliza Imroni of Sou Brette, who gave an edgy touch to Vahada’s subtle approach by designing the visual and prints. A collection that would surely make Bedrock’s female inhabitants green with envy!

makeup artist: AI (KATARINA FEBRY)
photografer: BONA SOETIRTO
textile designer: MUQLIZA IMRONI
graphic designer: ECHA SIMANJUNTAK
location: JIKA studio
Jln. Abdul Majid No.41B, Cipete, Jakarta Selatan (021) 7513637 / 087882033923 & 081257745196 ( Iman )