Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hide n seek

-left: Complexity Dress
-right:on nabila: Gossip dress/on yannie: Oracural Top+Oval Skirt

-Scramble Dress

- VioletFiction Jacket

-BlackCrisis Jacket

-left: Psychedelic Shirt+Oval Skirt
-right: HeartBeat Dress

-Satirical Jumpsuit

-left: Trinity Dress
-right: Satirical Jumpsuit

-left: Trinity Dress
-right: SuperSonic Top+Freedom short

And here are the 2nd collection, 'Hide & Seek'. Inspiration comes from crowds,noises,pressure,hectic and all maximalism that happened around us,so there we trying to hide from all of 'em. Also comes from hidden things, dark into lights, or something good or bad hiding just to looking for any peaceful.
Designs are applied by hands symbol as the icon of 'hide', with pastel colors which combined with dark colors, something like pink, peach, cream, mint, soft grey & blue, also white that together combined with black to get the contrast. Extremely cuttings also created to get the meaning of crowds with sheer fabrics, with softly touch of soft colors to get the peaceful.

Models: Nabila Khalid n Yannie Devitri sukarya
Photography: Shadtoto Prasetio

vahada round.2 "Hide n Seek" will be launched at Brightspot Market
(at Pacific Place 11am-11pm)


  1. Halo Dina! kemaren di brightspot, aku beli Hello white topnya. Suka banget deeehh, puas! Harganya pun masuk akal! Terus berkarya yaa!

  2. suka banget sama Satirical Jumpsuit!
    seneng banget liat karya-karya kak Dina :)

  3. wowww,,makasih bgt yahhhh...senangggg...didoakan yahhh buat round.3 nyaaa..mmmuaaahhhhh..

  4. love the colletion! by the way how can i see the price list?


  5. Wow, this is sooo amazing! Love every piece!

  6. Haiii..suka banget sama design2nya! Tolong email'in price list 2 faces sama hide n seek please..
    Thanks a lot..=D
    Email me :

  7. waw keren banget! vahada ga ada store khususnya ya? aku pengen banget yang trinity dress.. masih bisa ga ya?
    oia tolong email in price listnya dong:
    thanx before :)

  8. hai aku mau jumsuitnya. bisa minta pricelistnya.