Monday, February 7, 2011


- ZODIAC-slouchy sweater IDR Rp.440,000,-
- DREAMCATCHER-lace legging IDR Rp.210,000,-

Erina (left):
- SIGILS-black lace shirt IDR Rp.450,000,-
- WITCHCRAFT-pleated skirt IDR Rp.730,000,-

Hellua (right):
- GYPSY-Ruffled nude blouse IDR Rp.430,000,-
- CELTIC-black maxi skirt IDR Rp.520,000,-

- ALCHEMISTS-black jumpsuit IDR Rp.680,000,-

Hellua (left) :
- ZODIAC-asymmetric lace dress IDR Rp.680,000,-

Erina (right) :
- THEBAN-lace tunic IDR Rp.350,000,-
- PENTAGRAMS-bikers legging IDR Rp.330,000,-

- ALAKAZAM-asymmetric lace gown IDR Rp.950,000,-

- MAGICK-chiffon printed blouse IDR Rp.460,000,-
- BLACK MAGIC-pleated short IDR Rp.380,000,-

- VOODOO-cropped top IDR Rp.420,000,-
- GENESIS-High waisted short IDR Rp.250,000,-
- SOLOMON-wrap hooded cardigan IDR Rp.410,000,-

- TALISMANS-cloak lace dress IDR Rp.660,000,-

- FORTUNE-lace cape IDR Rp.580,000,-
- CLARITY-shirt IDR Rp.450,000,-
- HOLY-blend pants IDR Rp.470,000,-


For most people, fairy tales are among the childish things we've put away, Dina Vahada, however, feels differently. She thinks magic is one of life’s marvelous mysteries, yet even the most powerful witches’ spells are little more than ordinary actions made extraordinarily powerful by focused intent. Magic is about creative transformation. Life itself is magic.

As you see on her latest collection, Dina Vahada applies both the darkness and dynamic subtlety of imagery and magic, -a more fun and modern type of magician, gypsies and scary witches being more edgy and adaptable with the use of full-printed occult ornaments-, a collaboration with Lenggie Sukarya, as textile designer. With commonly used asymmetrical and clean cuts combined with drapery, layered and laces. Materials used are polyester, silk, suede and jersey.

The collection uses black as the main color to represent magic, witchery and the occult. Nude colors, such as peach, crème, off-white or even grey are also being applied with the aforementioned black. Gypsy inspired turbans and witch doctor carry-bag completes the looks. The collaboration with accessories extraordinaire, Sou Brette, by Muqliza Imroni and shoe line Aztecat, by Agnes Stephanie Cathykana made the whole Practical Magic collection looks “magical”

The entire collection is designed to turn your life into one big magical-fantasy frenzy for everyone waiting for magic to happen with their lives. It’s all about what you believe, how you feel and what you wear. These changes your beliefs, your thoughts and feelings, and magically, your world changes. Anyone can become an adept in magic, when you choose to believe that anything is possible and nothing is too good to be true.

models : Safiyya Hellua n Erina Widya
photographer : Yuko Doza
Copy Writer : Lennox'ed

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